April 2016 - Montessori

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Month: April 2016

All Montessori Academy childcare centres will be closed on Monday 25th April for ANZAC Day.

The human mind is by nature mathematical. From birth we learn the meaning of phrases such as “how old are you?” and “we’re leaving in one hour.” The capabilities of the mathematics mind are present in the mind of the child. An infant is able to understand the difference between one and many.

Montessori Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Chaitra Ravishankra to the role of Customer Support Team Leader.

Montessori Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Rami Nassif to the role of Group General Manager for Montessori Academy.

Families that are new to Montessori education often ask: “What makes Montessori different from play based early learning services?” The goal of both Montessori and traditional preschools is the same: to provide learning experiences for the child. The biggest difference lies in the kind of learning experiences each school provides and the methods they use to deliver these learning experiences. The top ten biggest difference include:

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