A Typical Day in the Montessori Academy Infants Room (0 – 2 years)

7.30am – Montessori Academy Opens

Good Morning! Welcome to another day of learning and exploring with Montessori Academy. Upon arrival all parents are required to sign in at the beginning of the day. Give your little one a kiss and cuddle at the door, wave goodbye, and hand them over to their teachers for a wonderful day of fun.

Infants Room Daily Routine

8.00am – The Montessori Work Cycle Begins

The early morning is time for our infants to explore and work with the Montessori materials in their room. Educators will often present the children with a material, allowing them to explore the activity. The most popular curriculum areas in the infant room include practical life, sensorial and language.

Infants Room Daily Routine

9.00am – Morning Tea

Morning tea is provided by Montessori Academy and is usually fruit puree, yoghurt, or another healthy snack. If 9am is usually your little ones sleep time, we follow the routine you keep at home to ensure your child’s routine is consistent.

Infants Room Daily Routine

9.45am – Outdoor Play

After morning tea, it’s outdoor play time! Every Montessori Academy child care service has a prepared infant outdoor area, which is a safe place for your little one to discover and play outdoors. Our Educators specifically set up the infant outdoor learning environment to encourage the children to learn and develop new skills every day.

Infants Room Daily Routine

11.00am – Group Time

Group time allows the infants class to learn together, develop strong social skills, and share in experiences. This time is essential for forming classroom communities. Group time activities for our babies often include: story time, music and movement, language activities, and art and craft.

Infants Room Daily Routine

11.30am – Lunch Time

Working hard is hungry work! At most Montessori Academy child care services, we have our families pack lunch for their children. Children who are bottle fed are given bottles as specified and prepared by parents. For our infants who are eating solids, our team are happy to warm up food if required.

Infants Room Daily Routine

12.00pm – Rest Time

Standard sleep time is from after lunch; however, we are happy to work around any sleeping schedule. Each child has their own cot, and we encourage our families to bring their own bed sheets, and a comforter for their little one. Soft music plays while we put the infant’s down to rest, and any unsettled children are rocked to sleep.

Infants Room Daily Routine

2.00pm – Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is provided by Montessori Academy and is usually fruit, a healthy snack, or puree. In addition, we can accommodate for almost any dietary requirements or food sensitivities. Afternoon tea is a wonderful time for children to develop practical life skills, such as holding their own cutlery, and socialising with others.

Infants Room Daily Routine

3.00pm – Outdoor Play

Once afternoon tea is finished, the infants head back outside to enjoy the afternoon! Outdoor play varies every day, and may include bubble fun, the parachute game, or ball games. Each of our campuses have a wonderful outdoor area for infants that is specifically designed to meet their needs and interests.

Infants Room Daily Routine

4.30pm – Late Snack and Indoor Play

Children come inside around 4.30pm for a late snack, and are often given the chance to explore the Montessori materials once again. The infant’s class begin to get ready to go home, and wind down from an exciting day of learning and play. Quiet activities usually include reading a story, tummy time activities, or working with the Montessori materials.

Infants Room Daily Routine

6.00pm – Montessori Academy Closes

Good evening, and welcome back! Your little one is now ready to go home happy, safe and sound. Your child’s Educators will greet you at the door and help you collect your child’s belongings. If you have any questions about how your child slept, how much they ate, and when their nappy was changed, our friendly team are more than happy to assist.

*Throughout the day frequent nappy changes are scheduled for the children, and our Educators regularly check if your child requires an extra nappy change.