Confirmation of Days for Existing Montessori Academy Families

Dear Parents,

As Early Childhood Professionals, we see a significant difference in the social and educational outcomes achieved by children who attend three days per week, and five days per week. To best prepare your child for their next step in their education, it’s important to consider the value of attending Montessori Academy on a full-time basis. To learn more about the benefits of full time attendance see here. Attending four to five days per week is highly recommended for children in the preschool age group, to help physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare them for Primary School.

To assist us in planning for the relevant daily numbers, please select your child’s days of attendance, as per below. If your child’s days of attendance are flexible, please specify. Please note that whilst we will do our best to accommodate your preferences, we may have to make some adjustment to your chosen days based on availability. To secure your child’s days as a priority, please complete this form as early as possible. Your chosen schedules will be confirmed in late September 2017. Any changes to the days you have selected will require the 4-week notification period as per our Terms and Conditions.

Please note all Confirmation of Days Forms are due by August 31st, 2017.

One form needs to be completed for each child.