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Queanbeyan Childcare, Daycare, Preschool & Early Learning Centre

Our Queanbeyan childcare centre is currently under construction and expected to open in Mid-2021 pending service approval by the Department of Education. We will deliver an exceptional Montessori Early Learning Program for children aged 0 – 6 years in a long daycare format. The campus is located at 57 Tharwa Road, Queanbeyan West NSW 2620 and will open long daycare hours from 7:30am – 6:00pm.

Our Queanbeyan Childcare Centre will showcase seven beautifully appointed Montessori classrooms and two dynamic outdoor play areas. Key features of the Montessori classrooms include flexible learning spaces, clearly defined Montessori Curriculum areas, and a full suite of Montessori Materials designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of each age group.

Beyond the classroom, the centre’s outdoor play areas will feature a speed boat, fixed play equipment, art and craft area, slide, dramatic play area, home corner, gardens, teepee, gross motor activities, and sandpits. The seamless integration of engaging classrooms and dynamic outdoor spaces will offer children the ideal place to cultivate a life-long love of learning. To find out more, enquire today.

Queanbeyan Childcare Centre Key Features

Especially unique about Queanbeyan Montessori Academy:
Montessori Curriculum
Tailored Education Programs
Montessori Materials
Catered Nutritious Meals
Exceptional Play Spaces
Prepared classroom Environments
Passionate Teaching Staff
School Readiness Program

The Montessori Education Program

Montessori Academy’s Education Program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers is child-centred and focused on providing students with the ideal learning environment, materials and guidance to achieve their full potential. In the Montessori classroom, children work in a thoughtfully prepared learning environment that is beautifully designed, organised by subject area, and appropriate to the age, interests and developmental stage of its students. Children enjoy freedom of movement and choice to explore the Montessori Materials in each curriculum area and discover learning through hands-on experience. The role of the Montessori Teacher within this setting is to observe and guide each student based on their developmental needs and interests. As children progress through the Montessori Education Program, they develop intense concentration, strong academic foundations, intrinsic motivation, social skills, care for the environment, and respect for others.

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