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Welcome to Carlingford Montessori Academy! Our exceptional Montessori early learning and long day child care centre is currently under construction and expected to open in late 2019 pending Service Approval. Our Carlingford campus is located in the new ‘Somsert’ development on Thallon Street, Carlingford NSW 2118. The campus is conveniently located within minutes of Carlingford train station, the M4 Motorway, and numerous bus routes. Dedicated parent parking is also available on site.

Once open, our Carlingford campus will be proud to deliver a modern Montessori education and preschool program for children aged six weeks to six years. Most unique about Carlingford Montessori, will be our scientifically based approach to learning that is focused on the holistic development of the child. We believe that every child is a natural born scientist, and that the world is their laboratory.

Our role as Montessori Educators is to provide our students with the educational support, learning environment, and tools they need to master the knowledge and skills that will help them achieve their full potential. Ultimately, our goal is to activate each child’s own “inner teacher” so that they actively participate and embrace education as a foundation for life.

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Contact Details

Address: 2 Thallon Sreet, Carlingford, NSW 2118
Expected Opening Date: Late 2019
Ages: Six weeks to six years
Hours: 7:30am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday (Once Operational)
Phone: 1300 000 162
Parking: Designated parent parking will be available on site
We Will Provide: Morning tea, afternoon tea, late snack

Key Campus Features

Especially unique about Carlingford Montessori Academy:
Modern Montessori Education Program
Curriculum covering: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Art, Science, Geography and Culture
Full suite of Montessori learning materials
Focus on facilitating each child’s individual development journey
Passionate and highly trained teaching staff
Holistic focus on child development
State-of-the-art facilities with exceptional learning environments
School readiness and transition to school program

Education Program

Our Carlingford child care centre will offer a melded Montessori education program that covers two syllabuses, the Montessori Curriculum, and the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework. Our modern Montessori education program will cover: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Culture, Geography, Science and Art. As children progress through the Montessori Curriculum, they encounter more challenging learning materials that are appropriate to both age and skill levels. In this way, Montessori education is child-focused, as opposed to teaching at a class level. To learn more about the principles that guide the Montessori education program, click here.


Our Carlingford child care campus will have three spacious Montessori classrooms that are specifically designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of the children in each age group. Each classroom will be fitted out with child-sized furniture, a full suite of Montessori learning materials, and a range of play-based resources to encourage hands-on learning experiences. Another unique feature of our Carlingford classrooms will be the centre’s prepared classroom environments. Our Carlingford campus classrooms have been specifically designed to encourage interest and activity. The Montessori materials will be displayed on low open shelves, with a distinct sense of order. This logical structure encourages children to organise their thinking, progress from easiest to hardest, and absorb learning outcomes at their own pace. In effect, creating the optimal learning environment for children.

Montessori Materials

Each classroom at Carlingford Montessori Academy will contain a full suite of authentic Montessori learning materials sourced from Neinhaus and Bruins, the leading providers of Montessori materials internationally. Montessori materials are sensory-based learning tools that are designed to isolate one skill or concept. The materials encourage hands-on learning, independent problem solving, and analytical thinking. Most unique about these hands-on learning tools is that each material is designed with a control of error. This allows children to work with the materials and discover the learning outcome through repetition and practice. Working with the Montessori materials teach children how to develop the skills of ‘Executive Function,’ such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, independence, and intrinsic motivation.

Outdoor Play

Our Carlingford child care centre will offer two vibrant outdoor play areas that are bright, expansive, and well resourced. There will be a separate outdoor play area for Infants aged 0 – 2 years, and Toddlers and Preschoolers aged 2 – 6 years. This separation will allow children to explore and develop at their own pace within the safety of an outdoor learning environment that has been specifically tailored to their stage of development. Carlingford Montessori Academy’s outdoor play areas will be equipped with children’s veggie gardens, dramatic play area, composting, cubby houses, tricycle tracks, gross motor activities, and sandpits. Each outdoor area will be set up daily with a range of activities to meet the children’s needs and interests. The students will also enjoy a range of extracurricular activities based on the interests of families in the service.

Educational Team

Our Carlingford core team will be trained in the Montessori Method of Education prior to commencing at our Carlingford campus. All staff will be committed to the Montessori philosophy of education, and delivering an exceptional early learning experience based on the developmental needs and interests of each individual child in their care. Our educators will seek to implement diverse learning experiences that reflect the Montessori Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework. Staff qualifications are likely to include: Montessori Teachers, Montessori Trainers, Early Childhood Teachers, Diploma Trained Educators, and Certificate III Trained Educators.

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