Public Holiday Closures

All Montessori Academy childcare centres will be closed on Monday 25th April for ANZAC Day.

New Immunisation Requirements for January 2016

New immunisation requirements will be coming into force from 1 January 2016 in relation to family assistance payments (the Commonwealth) and the enrolment of children in child care (in NSW).

The Commonwealth is making changes to family assistance payments under the ‘No Jab, No Pay’ measure to increase childhood vaccination rates, including that conscientious objection will no longer be an approved exception for eligibility for the Child Care Rebate, Child Care Benefit, and Family Tax Benefit (Part A – Supplementary).

Parents who do not fully immunise their children up to 19 years of age will no longer be eligible for family assistance payments with exceptions for children with medical contraindications or natural immunity for certain diseases and those on a recognised catch-up schedule.

Quality Improvement Plan

Each Montessori Academy centre has a Quality improvement plan that we use for self-improvement.
The Quality Improvement Plan evolves around the 7 Quality areas:
QA1 Educational Program and Practice
QA2 Children’s health and safety
QA3 Physical environment
QA4 Staffing Arrangements
QA5 Relationships with children
QA6 Collaborative partnerships with families
QA7 Leadership and service management

We welcome your expertise, input and suggestions.

Children’s Arrival Time

For children to gain the most out of the Montessori Program, we encourage parents to drop their children off by 8.30am for individual work time. It is essential that children consistently attend during the Montessori Work Cycle if they are to achieve their full potential in the classroom.

Sign in and Sign out

It is essential that each child is signed in and out daily. Please be reminded to close the door properly after you enter and when you leave.

If your child will not be attending on a day that they are scheduled please phone the centre before 10am and advise the Nominated Supervisor or a staff member of your child’s absence.

Please be reminded we do not allow make up or swapping of days. Fees will still need to be paid for absences, public holidays, or any family holidays you may take throughout the year.

Unwell Children

The health and safety of all children is a major concern for all Montessori Academy childcare centres. Parents are asked to please keep sick children home until they are well.

This is particularly important if your child has had a fever, infectious disease, diarrhoea, or been vomiting within the past 24 hours.

If your child is unwell while at day care, a member of staff will ask you to collect them.

If your child has been sick with an infectious disease, you will be required to provide a medical certificate confirming that your child is well enough to attend childcare.

Family Feedback

If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to the Nominated Supervisor at your centre or feel free to get in touch with Head Office: (02) 9799 4771 or