Do you have any questions?

Families that are new to Montessori education often don’t know where to begin or what to ask.

Please see below for a few of our most frequently asked questions. Click the plus sign to expand the answer.

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What is Montessori?
Where did Montessori come from?
How is a Montessori different to other play based childcare services?
Does the Montessori program apply to infants?
Do you have a school readiness program? What does it entail?
Why do Montessori classrooms have mixed-age groups?
How long will it take my child to settle in?
How do Montessori children adjust to systemic schools?
Why should I send my child to preschool?
When should children start an early learning program?
What is the ratio of children to staff?
When do you start toilet training?
How is bad behaviour dealt with?
When do children transition rooms?
Can you cater for my child’s disability?