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Material Spotlight: Geometric Solids

Introducing the Geometric Solids The sensorial curriculum area is unique to Montessori education, encouraging children

Raising Independent Children Who Thrive

Raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles you will ever undertake.

Material Spotlight: Dressing Frames

Introducing the Dressing Frames The Dressing Frame is a key Montessori Practical Life material which

Curriculum Snapshot: Practical Life

Have you ever wondered why your child is fascinated with how you fold the towels,

Five Montessori Phrases to Teach Your Child to Develop a Montessori Mindset

Starting off the Montessori preschool year with confidence and positivity is a great way to

Material Spotlight: Sandpaper Numbers

Introducing the Sandpaper Numbers The Sandpaper Numbers are an important foundational Montessori mathematics material that

Material Spotlight: Christmas Tree Red Rods Extension

Introducing the Christmas Tree Red Rods Extension Each Montessori material isolates one particular skill, and

Material Spotlight: Knobbed Cylinders

Introducing the Knobbed Cylinders The Knobbed Cylinders are a Montessori Sensorial material, designed to assist

Encouraging Resilience in Children

Encouraging Resilience in Children Life is full of challenges and obstacles that can cause children

Material Spotlight: Large Number Cards

Introducing the Large Number Cards The Large Number Cards are a Montessori Mathematics material which