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Introducing the Montessori Infant Program

Montessori Academy’s Infant Program provides a nurturing Montessori environment specifically designed to meet the developmental

Art Process in Montessori Education

Teaching art appreciation, and the skills associated with artistic expression, is an important part of

Material Spotlight: Metal Inset

The Metal Inset is a part of the Montessori Language Curriculum. They are a learning

Material Spotlight: The Bead Cabinet

The Montessori Bead Cabinet, or Bead Chain Cabinet, is a beautiful and eye-catching material that

The Montessori Classroom: Inspired Design

The essence of Doctor Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy is the holistic development of the child,

Campus Feature: Leichhardt Montessori Academy

Nestled in the buzzy Italian precinct of Norton Street, Leichhardt Montessori Academy offers an exceptional

Material Spotlight: The Botany Cabinet

The Botany Cabinet, or the Leaf cabinet as it is sometimes known, is a Montessori

How to Nurture Concentration in the Montessori Child

Concentration is the cornerstone of learning. Whether we are learning to tie our shoes, cooking

Material Spotlight: The Hundred Board

The Hundred Board is a key Montessori Mathematics material, which helps children make the leap

Campus Feature: Lane Cove Montessori Academy, Lane Cove

Nestled in the quiet residential streets of Lane Cove, Lane Cove Montessori Academy has been