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The Dressing Frame is a key Montessori Practical Life material which helps children to develop independence and care of self as they learn to fasten different clothing implements.

Have you ever wondered why your child is fascinated with how you fold the towels, set the table, or mop the floor? Children, like all human beings, want to communicate with others, to do important work, and contribute to society.

Starting off the Montessori preschool year with confidence and positivity is a great way to prepare your child to excel as they progress through the Montessori Curriculum.

The Sandpaper Numbers are an important foundational Montessori mathematics material that introduce numerals 0 – 9 to young children.

Each Montessori material isolates one particular skill, and the material’s purpose often correlates with other Montessori activities. This means that there are endless extensions students can embrace once they have mastered the original concept!

The Knobbed Cylinders are a Montessori Sensorial material, designed to assist children in making distinctions in their immediate environment. This material primarily engages the senses of touch and sight.

The Large Number Cards are a Montessori Mathematics material which are used to introduce young children to the decimal system.

The Metal Insets are part of the Montessori Language Curriculum. They are a learning tool used to prepare children for writing.

The Touch Tablets form part of the Montessori Sensorial Curriculum, which aims to teach children how to classify items within their environment using the five senses. The Touch Tablets focus on the tactile sense of touch, and isolate the concepts of rough and smooth.

The Moveable Alphabet is a key part of the Montessori Language Curriculum. The material primarily teaches children how to develop their knowledge of the alphabet, and thus written language skills.

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