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Montessori Academy’s Infant Program provides a nurturing Montessori environment specifically designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of children aged six weeks to 24 months.

Teaching art appreciation, and the skills associated with artistic expression, is an important part of the Montessori Art Curriculum. This is because the study of art is fundamental to children’s creative, visual, sensorial, and emotional development.

The Metal Inset is a part of the Montessori Language Curriculum. They are a learning tool used to prepare children for writing as they provide students with the opportunity to practice holding a writing instrument while working on their fine motor skills.

The Montessori Bead Cabinet, or Bead Chain Cabinet, is a beautiful and eye-catching material that is found in every Montessori Academy preschool classroom.

The essence of Doctor Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy is the holistic development of the child, and every element of the learning curriculum supports this goal, including the design of the classroom.

The Botany Cabinet, or the Leaf cabinet as it is sometimes known, is a Montessori sensorial material that provides children with an introduction to the world of botany. It is also one of the first Montessori materials children work with that allows them to explore the world through a scientific lens.

Concentration is the cornerstone of learning. Whether we are learning to tie our shoes, cooking in a MasterChef competition, or performing complex mathematical equations, there is a specific concentration required to complete the task at hand.

The sensorial curriculum area is unique to Montessori education, encouraging children to engage all five senses in their learning, forming concreate ideas from the abstract in their environments. The Geometric Solids are a key part of the sensorial curriculum area, allowing children to understand 3D shapes by making them tangible objects.

The Dressing Frame is a key Montessori Practical Life material which helps children to develop independence and care of self as they learn to fasten different clothing implements.

Have you ever wondered why your child is fascinated with how you fold the towels, set the table, or mop the floor? Children, like all human beings, want to communicate with others, to do important work, and contribute to society.

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