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Have you heard the saying: “Having kids is like continually cleaning up after a party you didn’t attend?” For busy mums and dads, the struggle to get children to pack away after themselves, is a real and constant daily battle.

Supporting children’s independence is one of the most consistent themes in Montessori education. But why is teaching independence important for infants?

This is a common question in any Montessori toddler or preschool classroom. It often comes at pick up time, when families express concern that their child’s teachers may have incorrectly put on their child’s shoes out of a lack of concern or care. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With the chill of winter settling in, it is timely to discuss the importance of outdoor play. During the cooler months, it is common for children to be restricted to indoor play at home, and only permitted to play outdoors when it is warm and sunny.

Joining a Montessori Preschool is an exciting time in your child’s development and education. Settling into the Montessori environment is a process characterised by three stages of development, which Doctor Maria Montessori termed: ‘Normalisation.’

Have you heard the adage: “practice makes perfect?” In early childhood, repetition forms the basis for learning, skill development, and accomplishment.

Cosmic Education is a cornerstone of the Montessori Philosophy. At its core, Cosmic Education tells the story of the interconnectedness of all things. It describes the role of education as comprehensive, holistic and purposeful; to encompass the development of the whole person within the context of the universe. It also introduces the possibility that humanity might have a “cosmic task,” to better the world for future generations.

Families that are new to Montessori often ask: “How does Montessori encourage creativity?” This question often arises as the Montessori method is not overtly known for encouraging creative pursuits. In fact, Montessori is renowned for discouraging fiction and fairy tales.

Freedom within limits is a core Montessori concept. For parents that are new to Montessori, this concept may seem contradictory. After all, aren’t limits and rules the opposite of freedom?

As a parent who is new to Montessori, you may be slightly alarmed when you first hear the term ‘normal’ or ‘normalisation’.

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