Toddler Class Learning Experience

To celebrate Australia Day, the teachers at our Strathfield campus prepared a special group time activity for our students. In the toddler classroom, Miss Erny and the team created a beautiful display of materials to immerse our toddlers in Australia’s diverse cultural history. To begin, Miss Erny explained to the toddlers that they are all Australian: “Archie is Australian, Carla is Australian.” She also explained how many of our students come from diverse cultural backgrounds. As the lesson progressed, the children learned about the differences between the Australian and Aboriginal flag, and held several cultural artefacts, including a Didgeridoo and a Boomerang.

In addition to a focus on culture, the toddlers created two Australia Day themed artworks. The first artwork involved dot painting an Australian animal using sticks collected from the garden. The second artwork used recycled toilet rolls to create Australia Day fireworks over the Australian Harbour Bridge. To complete group time, the toddlers danced to Aboriginal music, and used their own instruments to join the rhythm.

Preschool Class Learning Experience

In the preschool class, Miss Yuri and the team planned a geography and flag themed lesson to explore the Australia Day theme. To begin, Miss Yuri asked each child to point out their family’s country or origin on the map of the world. The children used their imaginary ‘binoculars’ to trace the journey from different countries to Australia, and listened to the story of Captain Cook. As the lesson progressed, the preschool class learned about the various elements of the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag. The children were fascinated to learn about the five stars of the Southern Cross, and how the Aboriginal flag represents the people, the land, and the sun.

To create their own flag, the children painted a plate blue and cut out their own stars of the Southern Cross. For some of our younger students, cutting out stars was a new challenge, and excellent practice for their fine motor skills. To conclude group time, Miss Yuri and the team explored the cultural significance of Australia Day. The children learned about Dreamtime stories and the rich history of Aboriginal culture. As a result of hands-on learning experiences, the students have developed a wonderful understanding of Aboriginal culture, and the value of diversity. Most of all, they have learned what it means to be Australian. After all,”I am, you are, we are Australian.”

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